Thursday, August 12, 2010

Take Your Happiness With You

Thursday August 12 2010

From show biz and stage, to sand and sage, manes and tails, in a day.

"Are you glad to be leaving?" one of the actors, Dion, asked me before our last show in St Paul last night.

"I'm usually pretty happy wherever I am," I said.

"Ah, you take your happiness with you," he said.

That's it.

I love working in theatre - the magic, the music, the people, the technical digital sound work, the big city, the odd hours. It's amusing - living in a hotel in air conditioning, working indoors in the dark, living and breathing art.

And I love Owyhee - the desert, the mountains, the dust, the fresh air, the horses, the riding, screech owls and crickets at night, getting dirty, smelling the sage, hugging Stormy's neck, living and breathing horses.

And oh, do I love my horse.


  1. What a great statement of a great life philosophy. I love it! We should all remember to take happiness with us and to share a bit with the world!

  2. Yup, happiness comes from the inside. So true. Welcome home!

  3. Lovely sentiment, and I have to agree. Too many people base their contentment on external forces rather than what's inside of them. When you bring the happiness from inside yourself along, every place and person you encounter becomes much brighter.

  4. Merri ultimamente no me llegan a mi Blog, tus entradas, has modificado algo en tus Blog.?
    ¿El mio te llega?
    Saludos de Gabriel.

  5. Very nice thought! That's a good way to live, for sure.

  6. I like that observation, 'bringing your happiness with you'. We should all heed that philosophy.