Monday, August 23, 2010

Five Stars

Monday August 23 2010

"That black shape that you thought you saw whirling through the Edinburgh night sky at the weekend was probably the roof of the [Edinburgh] Playhouse, blown off by the glorious eruption that is The Gospel at Colonus and by the stomping, cheering response from 3,000 theatregoers who could scarcely believe their eyes and ears."

So begins the London Times review of our show in Edinburgh.

Of course you can let great reviews go to your head, and then the negative reviews nag and eat away at you. It's what you feel inside what matters. It's a terrific show and I'm still humbled to be a part of it. (And we'll just take this 5 out of 5 stars review and enjoy it.)

It's half an hour after our show lifted the roof off the Playhouse for the 4th and last time in the Edinburgh International Festival... and already the walls of Colonus are coming down. In another hour or so, the stage will be nearly empty of all evidence that we were there, and another show will take over the theatre.

Colonus fades away again, and life goes on for everybody again - drifting back home or elsewhere to act, sing, teach... or jump back in the horses.

I'm on to horse stuff tomorrow - Seren Arabians in England. Back to fresh air, dirt between my toes, real stars in the sky, and the sweet smell of horses.


  1. Bask in the glory!! Brag! Glow! Congratulations!! That makes every moment of hard work ten times worth it.

    Live theater has no equal. The magic of how it all comes together, comes to life and then, as magically, simply vanishes is simply incredible. "Gospel at Colonus" is gone for now, but certainly not forgotten. You have changed more than 3,000 people's lives forever.

  2. Were you there?! I want to be you!