Sunday, August 22, 2010


Sunday August 22 2010

We are in love.

With our Scottish in-house Edinburgh Playhouse crew. We want to take them home with us.

Opening night of The Gospel at Colonus on Saturday was a smash hit. 3056 seats sold out. The performance was awesome. The performers on fire and contagious. The crowd was great.

We had two shows today; tomorrow is our last one here.

"Until the next time," JD said.

We never know when it is really our last show - the last time this crazy, diverse family will get together... but the show has been going for 28 years in various incarnations (with 3 original cast members still in the show) - and Lord willing it will continue for another 28 years, give or take.

There are rumors of Australia, London, maybe a few other places in the works. Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, we'll try to pack our lovely Scottish theatre friends back home with us. They've been the best.

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  1. What a wonderful trip! The people you meet are what make this life incredible...