Friday, August 6, 2010


Thursday August 5 2010

Two days of "10 out of 12's" in the theatre - 10 out of 12 hours in a day of teching lights and sound, and rehearsing with actors and singers on stage.

And on breaks, and during pauses on stage while lights work out some programming, or Lee the director works on staging with the actors... the musicians Noodle.

They are like kids with ADD, they can't sit still. They always have to be creating music - either in their head or out loud.

Leroy the drummer starts tapping out a rhythm on his drum set. Bob the composer starts dinking around on the piano. Sam's fingers start noodling out a melody on the guitar. Ben joins in with his bass. Toes are tapping all across the stage, fingers snapping. A few of the singers jump in humming a little melody. With harmony.

And the stage is jamming with new unearthly music created on the fly.

It's glorious.


  1. Love the concept, Merri, but couldn't access the sound: is there sound? What should I click on? Thanks--see you very soon :-)

  2. Love the concept, Merri, but couldn't access the there sound? What can I click on? Thanks & see you VERY soon :-)

  3. Musicians are like that when they get in bunches. If you want quiet they need to be sent to their rooms....*VBWG*

    Still sounds like fun.

  4. They are just photos... I'd looooove to post a couple of my short videos, but I have to clear that with the singers first. I will beg them for permission!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond