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Pins - and new - magnets too!

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Each Spirit Horse is one of a kind, handmade of clay, wire, beads, and yarns picked up from around the world. They're fun and whimsical; they shimmer different colors in different light. You can bend the legs to stand straight, trot, gallop, or fly.

If it's a pin: spruce up your outfit for dinner out on the town or the Oscars. Or, if it's a pin or a magnet, hang your Spirit Horse in your home or horse trailer for good luck.

Each pin is approximately 3" long by 3" tall. . . not counting the long fluffy tail.

**Please note that the actual colors on these horses are much more vivid than what you see here! It's hard to get an accurate shot of them.

Pins and magnets are $20 each, plus $5 shipping. (USA only.) (and several can fit in one envelope.)

If you see any you like, email me at
TheEquestrianVagabond at gmail dot com.

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Wind Dancer Sun Catchers
Wind Dancer Sun Catchers make great little gifts for the horse person. Hang them in your window to catch the sun. Each one is approximately 6-8 inches, and there's a little loop at the top of the string to hang them from. 
Others are available besides these pictured... or let me know a color theme you like and I'll see what I have in particular.  
These are $12 each for one, or $10 each for more than one in an order. Includes shipping (USA only).
If you see any you like, email me at
TheEquestrianVagabond at gmail dot com.
Owyhee Designs

Made in the spirit of Owyhee, these one-of-a-kind pieces reflect the colors and shapes of Owhyee, a beautiful, remote region in southwest Idaho. You'll find the subtle hues of desert, the shades of sage and rabbit brush, the colors of the creeks and rivers that nourish this dry land.

Naked Owyhee Quartzite Neclaces!

These unique Owyhee Designs pieces come from a single secret Owyhee hillside scattered sparsely with these rare finds of au naturel - naked, un-machine-polished - quartzite stones. 

On the scientific side, Wikipedia says, Quartzite started out as pure quartz sandstone. When sandstone is cemented to quartzite, the individual quartz grains recrystallize along with the former cementing material to form an interlocking mosaic of quartz crystals. Most or all of the original texture and sedimentary structures of the sandstone are erased by the metamorphism. The grainy, sandpaper-like surface becomes glassy in appearance.

I say, the Owyhee wind and rain and sand polished these pieces over the eons to be strikingly white (or sometimes the pieces have a goldish tint) and smooth as glass; and if you look closely at the stones, you'll see layers and striations and the inner workings of the earth's forces of heating and pressure and tectonic compression.

On the spiritual side, since you have the yin and yang of sandstone and quartzite, you get the healing powers of both. Quartzite is said to stabilize, balance, and anchor positive changes in your life. It can support you while you are learning life lessons. It has a more feminine vibration. It's also said to amplify the energy of other stones it is combined with, which brings us to the sandstone aspect.

Sandstone is said to be a stone of creativity, one that encourages truth and promotes clarity in thought and sight. It can banish acerbic character, discourage bad tempers and general grumpies, and it promotes loving acceptance of humanity - that is, it's a Naked Happy Stone. 

And don't we need more of that in the world? Happiness, that is. Particularly with the Quartzite aspect amplifying that energy.

But if you choose not to believe in those properties and take advange of the stones' possible powers, that's okay because,

On the aesthetic side, each stone is one of a kind from Owyhee, and just plain beautiful.



each necklace is $25 includes shipping (USA only)

Recent pieces that have sold:






Some of these commissioned art pieces combine wood or stones unique to Owyhee.

This lovely, unique heart-shaped rock is about 2 1/2 x 2 1/2
inches. The wood is sagebrush, and the turquoise-colored
rock of course adds good Owyhee luck!
$65 including shipping, USA only

currently on display in a gallery

$65 includes shipping - USA only

For more information, contact me: TheEquestrianVagabond at gmail dot com



Cartoon Note Cards made by Stormy (with a little help).

Cards are matte white, 4 1/4" by 5 1/2" and include an envelope.
Inside of cards are blank for your personal sentiments. The copyright won't appear on your cards!

Order individually, or in sets of 6. Single card is $2.50 including shipping. Set of 6 cards is $10.00. Add $5 for priority shipping. (USA shipping only.)

You can mix and match! 

If you see any you like, email me at
TheEquestrianVagabond at gmail dot com.

Here's the gallery of cards:

or link:


Weathered, collected, shaped, sweated over and swore at in Owyhee County, Idaho. Inspired by some of the horses here. It's possible that Jose or Mac or Stormy or Dudley brushed up against this barbed wire at one time, which would certainly make it extra special. Or some range cow mighta rubbed his hide on it.

Choose your design, hang it, and make sure you don't cut or scratch yourself. It is the real stuff. If you buy one with a candle, don't be silly and burn anything but the candle.

Now, the one you order might not be the exact one you see. I can't make them the exact way ever' time. Barbed wire is cantankerous stuff and has a mind of its own when you want to shape it.

Each one is individual; two of one design will never, ever, ever be the same. Like I said, barbed wire is cantankerous stuff.

Currently available are Idahos (small, roughly 11" x 9" and large, a lot bigger), and a couple of the rearing or galloping horses (roughly 14" x 11"), and maybe a coyote (roughly 15" x 12") or two. Small Idahos are $15 plus $5 shipping. Large Idahos won't fit in a box to mail, so I can only hand those off to you if you're in the Owyhee County environs. Horses and coyotes are $25; shipping for these are $8. 

Different designs rotate in and out of the studio at random. Check back here regularly, or if you see one you want from the variety in the slide show below, email me and I might make it!
TheEquestrianVagabond at gmail dot com.

The Owyhee Barbed Wire gallery



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