Monday, August 5, 2019

Riding the Continental Divide Trail at Top O The World!

August 5 2019

It was the third annual Top O' the World pioneer endurance ride in Eastern idaho… this was my first time to finish a ride there. Fabulous and challenging trails. We did day 1's 50 miler and I got to ride on the Continental Divide - how awesome was that!

Connie rode Finneas and I rode her horse DWA Saruq.

Ridecamp is in a sweet spot in the Targhee National Forest.

great grazing for the horses! Jose Viola is eating and, of course, gazing at things in the distance

Connie, Regina, and Kat enjoying morning gourmet coffee!

Suzy Hayes' and Lynn Lee's 3 horses escaped one night and didn't come back till morning, fortunately all in one piece. Suzy was sooooo happy!

Connie and Finneas on the top of the world at about 9500'! on the Continental Divide Trail, looking West

Look really close, and ridecamp is a little white dot down in that green strip in the valley

Photobombing on the Continental Divide Trail!

Another high meadow on the CDT. We met a through hiker here. His trail name is Peanut. Connie met some through hikers the next day who said Peanut is a legend. Look him up!

Much of the ride we had a nice bubble - had the trails to ourselves. Here we leapfrogged with some other riders on loop 2

A lower meadow on loop 2

The famous Dave Rabe and Cocamoe Joe. You can tell it was pretty chilly because Dave has a sweatshirt on!

Yea. This thunderstorm grew quickly and raced towards us - 3 of us had 15 minutes to blanket the horses and batten down the hatches before….

…the heavy rain and hailstorm hit! horses hunkered down with butts to the weather and heads down

Connie and I hiked and unmarked a 7 mile loop on day 3. Just as beautiful hiking as it is riding!

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