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Tevis Cup Magic: Taking on the world's toughest 100 mile endurance ride
Every horse endurance ride has its challenges and difficulties, but the Tevis Cup has 100 miles of it. It's extreme, challenging, relentless, frantic, exhilarating, heart-breaking, exhausting, exasperating, beautiful, treacherous, insane, exciting.

Merri Melde’s dramatic story of her unplanned and unforeseen attempt at the Tevis Cup, the world’s toughest 100 mile endurance ride, will put you in the saddle, gripping the reins, racing the clock to cross the finish line in the 24 hour time limit, on a beautiful, gallant gray horse.
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Sunstorm: The Rugged One (Racehorse Tales)
No two racehorses are created alike. Sunstorm may not run for a million bucks, but the macho chestnut gelding's attitude and rugged good looks are what I fell for instantly as his groom. The cheap claimer leaves a great indelible mark my heart in his barn at Longacres racetrack.
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 Safe to Say: The Comet (Racehorse Tales)
Fate briefly throws me together with Safe to Say, a kindly, intelligent gelding and brilliant runner at Longacres racetrack, during an extraordinarily memorable season of racing. 
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Claim The Trick: The Royal Ass (Racehorse Tales)
This little racehorse has a mind of his own and is as strong as a mule. He entertains people as he drags me on unplanned detours whenever and wherever he feels like it, as he trains and runs at Longacres racetrack. 
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 Ol' Holme: The Witch (Racehorse Tales)
Some horses are like people: born on the wrong side of the barnyard. Ol' Holme is bad news, and she and groom Merri Melde have to figure out a way to get along during the filly's racing career at Longacres racetrack. 
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In this short story, author Merri Melde takes on one of the world's most beautiful - and toughest - hikes on the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal's Himalaya, reaching 17,872 feet.

Melde's evocative prose transports the reader directly into her hiking boots on this one-of-a-kind national geographic-like adventure among some of the world's highest peaks.
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A turbulent rafting trip down one of the world's wildest navigable rivers, the mighty Zambezi in Zimbabwe, tests the author's mettle, bring her face to face with her weakness.

Merri Melde's inspired narration of this short story provides a thrilling and terrifying ride for readers on this white-water adventure.
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Think it's easy to mail letters or a box? Not so much in India. 

Author Merri Melde delves into the often comical confusion and chaos of a few Post Offices - and alternate alleys - in India to mail letters and a box home. In these short stories, readers will learn how to get attention when they're the only customer in a Post Office; how to hold their own at the counter at a crowded Post Office armed with a sense of humor; and how to negotiate all the (arbitrary) steps on what it takes to mail a parcel.
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