Friday, November 18, 2016

Just. Beautiful.

Friday November 18 2016

Owyhee: expansive views and empty spaces and hiding places, where coyotes and sage grouse and Ravens and the occasional big horn sheep and cougar roam. These hinterlands are a sacred space. Here is no room for darkness and angst and turmoil, only a place of quiet and of inner peace, of simple stark beauty, and, on the back of a horse, freedom and joy. 

I love a good wild place. I love empty quarters. I love to stop on a canyon rim with a grand view, and look, listen, inhale, to feel. I love the silence, the secrets that only one walking or riding can find and fathom.

Is it just a coincidence that the two horses I have spent the most time and miles riding - Jose and Dudley - both love to stop on hilltops or scenic spots and admire the view? I didn't teach this to them. They just do it. Both of them will stop at a majestic spot with a sweeping view, and they will look. Not just look, but analyze, appraise, and comprehend, and, I'm certain, appreciate it. 

Just. Beautiful.

*The top picture I posted on FB got so many views and comments, it deserved a blog post!