Thursday, January 2, 2020

Tales From The West: Four Seasons in the Owyhee Country - My Newest E-book!

January 2 2020

I’m thrilled to share with all of you the release of my latest e-book: Tales From The West: Four Seasons in the Owyhee Country.

It’s a collection of essays that take place in the present day Wild West: Southwest Idaho.

You’ll get a taste of four seasons of a unique outdoor life: with nature, animals, local history, and horse rides and hiking adventures in the Owyhee country. The photos accompanying each essay give you a visual glimpse of the area.

From experiencing wild thunderstorms, flash flood and wildfire, to horseback riding on cattle drives, among wild horses, along trails of old gold miners, and through a biblical swarm of Mormon crickets, to startling and entertaining encounters with cows, birds, rattlesnakes, and cougars, you’ll see that a life in the West nowadays isn’t that far removed from life as it was 150 years ago.

“In case you’re wondering, it’s the southwest corner of Idaho I’m talking about. It’s nearly 7700 square miles of high desert sagebrush, rabbit brush, the Owyhee mountains, pronghorns, deer, cows, and a few herds of wild horses.

If you’re charmed by the ways of the Old West, it’s easy, when you’re out riding a horse or hiking, to imagine you’re still part of that time period. Squint your eyes into the sunlight, and you’ll see the dust from the old cowboys chasing the cows or rounding up the broomtail horses.

Life in Owyhee means a life steeped in Western lore, Wild West adventures, horses, Ravens, and nature. It means beauty in every corner, under every rock, in every storm, spring, summer, fall, and winter.”

Tales From The West: Four Seasons in the Owyhee Country is available on Amazon as an e-book at:
A soft-cover option will be available in the new year. 

Happy reading!