Friday, January 11, 2019

Story Behind the Photo: Borcan in Egypt

January 11 2019

Yes. That view #BetweenTheEars of my mount, the magnificent blustery white stallion Borcan, is in Egypt - the Step Pyramid in Saqqara. He was the puffiest beautifulest blowhardiest windbag, whose biggest worry was to look magnificent for the fillies who weren't looking at him.

Those ride in the desert among Pyramids on my equine companions were simply magical. I've had the pleasure of visiting Maryanne in Egypt twice.

I'll have a book coming out later this year on one of those trips.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Story Behind the Photo: Rabbit Brush

January 6 2019

This is my horse Stormy, The Most Beautiful Horse on the Planet, hanging out in blooming rabbit brush in the Sierra Nevadas in California. 

A Thoroughbred former racehorse, he’s now 27 years old. I was his groom on the racetrack in Washington where he earned his keep: six wins in 42 lifetime starts, $45,000 in earnings. My housemate kept saying I was going to own him one day. No, no, no, I said; though I loved Stormy, I had no money and no place for a horse. 

But things that are meant to be eventually happen. He’s given me joy now for almost 20 years. Stormy is profiled in my book, Soul Deep In Horses.

Note: this photo was taken around the year 2000, when Stormy was a young buck!