Friday, January 25, 2019

Story Behind the Photo: Thorung La Pass - Nepal's Himalaya

January 25 2019

One of the most stunning places on earth that I've been is the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal's Himalaya. Our 19 day trek around the Annapurna peaks was the ultimate challenge: fun, utterly exhausting, staggeringly beautiful.

This photo is from our 5 hour daunting crawl to the highest point, Thorung La Pass at 17,872 feet. That's my Norwegian trekking partner Kjersti bent over trying to gasp enough oxygen, and Welsh Andrew is the little dot far below.

I got altitude sickness at the top and going down The Other Side, and I just wanted to lay down and die. Kjersti and Andrew wouldn't let me. They helped me stumble downhill 4 hours to the first village where I recovered.

I hear that roads now cover much of this circuit, and I am grateful we had the chance to trek the entire loop.

"The Other Side" is the name of my short ebook on Amazon about this trek.

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