Saturday, August 7, 2021

Goodbye Stormy


Stormy - The Most Beautiful Horse On The Planet

it breaks my heart that Stormy has gone to brighten the next world. Appropriately, a thunder and lightning and wind storm blew through as he left.

I’d known him for 25 years, owned him for 21.

He went from being a (mildly successful) racehorse (I was his groom), to retiring and being My Horse, to working with me for the Forest Service (pack string leader) in California, to working on a dude ranch (wrangler horse) in California, then to Idaho with me as a resident Lawn Mower and Endurance horse companion and Old Duffer. His favorite thing in the world was EATING.

Once he became mine, he became a Wild West Horse, never set foot in another stall and was never happier.

I already miss not hearing his nicker three times a day for his special mash. I miss that striped face looking for me. I miss him.

you were the Best Horse Ever. Nobody will ever fill your hoof prints. It’s the end of an era. RIP my dear Stormy.

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