Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Stagecoach Etiquette #4: No Hogging Buffalo Robes

Wednesay August 28 2013

To persevere with our continuing education on proper stagecoach etiquette, in case one day we return to this form of long distance transportation, we peruse rule #4.

"Buffalo robes are provided for your comfort during cold weather. Hogging robes will not be tolerated and the offender will be made to ride with the driver."

I certainly would not like to be accused of hogging a buffalo robe, because if it's cold enough to need a buffalo robe, I would not want to be banished outside to ride with the driver, where it would really be cold.

So mind your manners and courteously share the buffalo robes provided.

(Rule #1 is HERE; Rule #2 is HERE; Rule #3 is here.)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Owyhee Gold Dust

Friday August 23 2013

If the last blog entry didn't clog your nostrils, this one surely will. Owyhee dust and sun have a mind of their own when they get together. Too bad this gold dust isn't the real thing - it might be more tolerable.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Ode to Owyhee Dust

Friday August 16 2013

Oh, Owyhee dust! Every footfall - horse, human, bird, ant - erupts in an explosion of fine silt. A herd of horses walking down the canyon kicks up a monstrous cloud that floats upward in the still air, hanging unwanted, tinting the skies and shading the sun.

Oh, Owyhee dust!


Friday, August 9, 2013

2013 City of Rocks Day 4

Friday August 9 2013

I rode Bodie today on Day 4 of the City of Rocks Pioneer Trails endurance ride - the real Bodie who was on this planet with me (see 2013 City of Rocks Day 2 to know what I mean about the other planetary Bodie).

We waited till most of the riders were out, then we followed 3 calm horses and riders out onto the trail at a walk; and we walked on by them for another half mile, then picked up a nice trot, and away we went. Bodie sure saved himself a lot of wasted energy by staying calm, cool, and collected. He felt great and looked good all day.

We rode the Circle Creek High Trail (see a cool video from last year of this high trail here) to about 7500 feet to a cool and refreshing spring at Indian Grove in the Albion mountains, then rode back down-down-down to camp. I discovered Bodie is a Downhill horse (not so much uphill) - sure footed, and he can boogie downhill!

Loop 2 was a nice not-so-hot loop out on the flats - aided by a rather strong breeze that kept the heat down. And we finished our second 50-mile ride together. Yay Bodie!

Here are a few pix from the day:

Up top is about 6000 feet near the Tea Kettle (climbing rock)

Bodie and I are on the right. Bodie (!) and Kelly are on the left! She called hers the Evil Bodie. We saw them again near the end of the ride, and her Bodie was still full of himself! This photo is in Circle Creek valley - we climbed that mountain above our heads!

Back down in Circle Creek after coming down the mountain.

Bodie was afraid of this woman's helmet!

On the stretch back home, along the Salf Lake Cut Off (emigrant) trail

Bodie and The Raven finished their second 50-mile ride together!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

2013 City of Rocks Day 2

Thursday August 8 2013

Day 2 was my first 50 mile ride on Bodie. It was a most interesting day to say the least.

The first 5 miles were, well, 5 miles I would rather have skipped. Bodie was on another planet. Linda (riding Tex with us) said I was riding 4 different horses. It sure felt like I was riding 4 different horses doing 4 different things at the same time. I did manage to stay on.

We eventually got through that and I was finally back on the real Bodie.

Then on loop 3, Linda got sick. So sick she had to be rescued by some people in a truck. I ponied her horse for 8 miles back to camp. We got caught in a thunderstorm, and most of you know how scared I am of lightning. And I discovered Bodie is afraid of thunder. It was exciting for a while! We hunkered down with our butts to the wind with 2 other riders, Sandy and Kaylee (thank you guys for waiting for me!!)

The rest of the ride/ponying went well, and Bodie actually finished in 7th place. Here are some photos of the most interesting day!

Bodie and Tex up on top of this steep-*ss hill that Linda made me get off and walk up leading my horse. (Actually she didn't make me; she said she was going to get off and walk, so I did too!)

One of the lovely trails in the Raft river mountains.

Tex and Bodie sharing a bucket of feed at the first vet check

Bodie and Tex with their butts turned to the howling wind and pounding rain.

More to come!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

2013 City of Rocks Day 1

Tuesday August 6 2013

Day 1 of City of Rocks Pioneer Trails endurance ride was spectacular scenery and not too hot this year! I ended up pulling Sunny at the second vet check; she was slightly off. It was so minor she might be fine to go again in a few days, though I'll be riding Bodie the next couple of days.

Here are a few pictures from today's awesome high trails in City of Rocks National Reserve.

More to come!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Muddy Buddies

Saturday August 3 2013

Oh dear, someone left the trough water pump on too long where the overflow from the trough runs into and fills up a pond (someone left it on a long time).

Batman first discovered the pond. His pawing and splashing immediately attracted Jose, who joined him in the pond, which quickly became a churned up super mud puddle.

Jose pawed and splashed with particularly intense concentration, making mud play an art form.

The pair pawed and churned and splashed, till Jose plopped down in it and had a roll.

Finneas and Bodie watched from the very edge of the pond, not wanting to get their feet wet. Batman had a roll in the mud pond too, emerging looking like a Loch Ness monster. 

After they followed that up with a good roll in the dirt, I was thankful I didn't have to clean them up to go for a ride!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

City of Rocks: Year II

Thursday August 1 2013

Half the herd (human and horse) has arrived at City of Rocks, getting set for this year's 5-day City of Rocks Pioneer Trails Endurance Ride, August 6-10.

It's about 10 degrees cooler than Owyhee (hallelujah!), though there are some thunderstorms in the forecast (eek!) (I brought real Turquoise Beads, to wear properly in my hair, and my horse's hair!).

Stay tuned!

Bodie was afraid of this water trough (it's his first time here) when he first got here… but later he splashed and splashed and splashed in it. Made a big mess, actually.

Jose getting a good belly scratch (he chases me around for one!), while observing the valley east of City of Rocks National Reserve.

Part of the herd in the sunset, looking toward the park.