Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Light Fantastic

Wednesday August 25 2010

The views, and the light from on top of the hill at Upper High House, are staggering. Every five minutes the light changes and alters the landscape and the views so that it constantly looks different. Add a few storm clouds, or a couple of horses galloping along the hill, and it could be a fantasy world.

Seren Arabians sits just inside the Lake District National Park, in Cumbria in northwest England. It's the largest national park in England, and includes England's highest mountain - Scafell Pike, and its deepest lake - Wastwater. You can see Scafell Pike from Upper High House.

The National Park has 3500 kilometers of rights of way and 12 of the largest lakes in England, for boating, hiking, climbing, and riding, along lakeshore wetlands, upland heaths, coastal dunes and arctic-alpine screes. Jan and Dom can take off on any number of trails and ride on 30 or 40 or 50 mile loops.

Here, a day spent outside sitting and watching the fantastic light and beautiful horses sculpt ever-changing pictures in the landscape, is a day well spent.


  1. Happy sigh.

    A day well spent, indeed!

  2. We have lost too many of our beautiful green acres in New Jersey to development. When I see those pictures, my heart aches for them.

    Beautiful pictures and beautiful horses. Thanks.

  3. **sigh***

    So jealous Merrie! What I wouldnt give to have been a mouse in your pocket!

  4. I remember the Lakes District from my year in Europe. Didn't Beatrix Potter have something to do with creating the park?

  5. yes, she donated land and farms to the National Trust (which I guess became part of the national park), and in fact she didn't live far from here!

    didn't even think of that until you mentioned it!

  6. Beautiful pics, Merri and LOVE those horses!!! My kind for sure :)

  7. Absolutely stunning, Merri...WOW!