Friday, June 1, 2012


Friday June 1 2012

Doing his part to help with the Owyhee Fandango, Stormy pulled ribbons from one of the trails after the ride.

He might not cover quite the mileage the endurance horses do, but he likes to put his two cents in, and he takes his job very seriously. (And he takes the dog for a walk at the same time.)

He may not be the easiest and most practical horse from which to pull ribbons, since he's the tallest one we have at 16.2 hands (so tall I have to climb off him to reach some of the low ribbons), but he's certainly the most beautiful ribbon puller!


  1. That is a beautiful breastplate and a very talented dog walker!

  2. Stormy is a very handsome ribbon-puller-helper! :)

  3. He looks gorgeous all ribboned up!

    If he were my Russell R., he'd be pulling the low ribbons for you. (Short version of a longer story where Russell untied all the ribbons from the electric fence right behind the barn owner's back as he was tying them on.) *lol*

  4. Stormy says "thank you for noticing my handsomeness!"
    : )