Friday, June 15, 2012

City of Rocks: The Emigrant Trail

Friday June 15 2012

We followed the Emigrant Trail into City of Rocks, in the footsteps of over a quarter of a million people in the mid-1800's. This trail will be part of the 4-day City of Rocks Pioneer Trails Endurance Ride in July. Here are a few photos from today's 20 mile loop that we did.

an old stage stop on the Emigrant Trail, with the famous Twin Sisters peaks in City of Rocks in the background

Judy and Steph on the Emigrant Trail

Jose and me! Coming up the Emigrant Trail

Jose and me! Twin Sisters in the background

Jose and me! Circle Creek valley

Jose and me, Judy and Malaysia, at Camp Rock. Emigrants used to camp around this rock in the central part of the park (it wasn't a park then, but a very popular stopping point) and park a wagon or two in this cubbyhole of this granite monster

Many more photos and stories (and videos to come!), and plenty of info on next month's ride, if you're planning to come! at:


  1. Now this trail I'd like to see! You keep posting "temptation"! Jose looks Great!

  2. looks like a very cool trail with lots to look at

  3. Such lovely long trails to ride. Hard to go that far around here without hitting a road, someone's back yard, or....a warehouse. *sigh*

  4. This looks like a fun ride with lots of history attached.

  5. So sad to be missing this one. I bet it is going to be amazing! Still have you on my calendar for the fall.