Thursday, June 21, 2012

City of Rocks: Salt Lake Cutoff/Emigrant Trail

Friday June 15 2012

I made a fun video of Friday's 20-mile ride at City of Rocks, on the historic Salt Lake Cutoff trail up Emigrant Canyon, onto the California Trail through City of Rocks National Reserve.

[video here]

(or link)

You can see more of my photos and stories from City of Rocks, (especially scenic on Jose in the fall!) and info on the upcoming endurance ride at


  1. wow, beautiful video. sagebrush everywhere! this is endurance country.

  2. Wide open spaces and lots of great trails. Who could ask for anything more--except to be astride a horse like Jose. *G*

  3. I saw some deep thinking on this ride. So beautiful and what a cute horsey you have.

  4. beautiful - simply beautiful.