Monday, June 11, 2012


Monday June 11 2012

What is it about internet discussion groups that occasionally bring out the worst in some people? Typing somewhat anonymously behind a computer screen sometimes gives license to certain people to lapse into the 'You Stupid Idiot' syndrome when they are typing their superior answers to someone's perceived stupid question, when they would never have the balls to say it to someone's face. It turns into a bickerfest, a virtual game of whackamole on the computer screen, the arguing and petty squabbling more important than the original subject, which has become long forgotten and unanswered.

That's one reason I've never joined one particular professional photography organization, whose chat group I found bursting with condescension by some experts to those wanting to learn. It is possible to be helpful without those extra hurtful words, but sometimes it seems one can get drunk on power when you peck the words out on a keyboard.

On some days, Ridecamp on, full of passionate endurance riders, has experienced this YSI syndrome. Most days, most years, it's filled with good questions and answers and information exchange about all subjects endurance, from beginning riders to veterans with tens of thousands of miles.

On one particularly, um, passionate day, I came up with another 'Camp some people might want to join:

But the more I thought about it, the more categories I realized we needed, to be politically correct and all, and not get mobbed by those who didn't quite fit in either 'Camp.

And so, I came up with a number of spinoffs for different folks:

Rudecamp for the Rude People

'Toodcamp for the Religiously Right (and I'm not talking religion, I'm talking I'M RIGHT and YOU'RE WRONG)

Snidecamp for the Disparaging

Dudecamp for the Stoners

Stewedcamp for those Far Beyond Help

Moodcamp for the Manics

Broodcamp for the Deep Thinkers

Nudecamp… well, better not, because of young riders

Prudecamp for the Prim and Proper

Pridecamp for the Holier Than Thou

Winecamp, either Red or White

Whinecamp for those who just want to whine, about their fellow riders, their horses, the weather, and fellow 'Campers

Rantcamp (thanks Keith Kibler, for this one!) so you can just let it all out

Runtcamp for the Little People

Spiedcamp for those who left Ridecamp but need to do a little espionage on other people in other 'Camps.

Friedcamp for those who just can't take the other 'Camps anymore

Bridecamp for those in, or about to be in, a select group

Shiedcamp for those who are too timid to try any other 'Camps

Criedcamp for those brought to tears

Diedcamp, for those who have passed on but still like to keep up with the other 'Campers

Please pick your proper groups and sign up. Some cross posting might be allowed for humorous purposes. If you post in the wrong group, John will design an algorithm program to sort your replies into the right category.

In all seriousness, Ridecamp is a great source for endurance information and advice, in the current discussions and the archives. It's just that once in a while, in a sport with such passionate people as endurance riders, Some People wake up on the wrong side of the bed and don't get their coffee for the morning, or for whatever reason need to feel better about themselves on a given day and pontificate in a special way that only finger punching on a keyboard can produce. It's not personal.

And if it is - and this works for any internet group - just have a laugh, take the best away from it and do 3 simple things: Delete, Delete, Delete.

We can all laugh about the online stuff, because you can see from the photos out on the trails what a completely serious sport this is.


  1. What a GREAT photo. Love Jose's expression. I'd like to sign up for two camps please: winecamp and whinecamp.
    Mary K.

  2. Where do I join the Merricamp? I love it!

  3. Love it! Thanks. Ridecamp has certainly evolved over the years. I used to dial up on modem every night to read it - I still have my @ button from Nick Warhol to prove it. :) It's a great resource, yet there's a lot more "opinion" out there. But it's all good, just requires a thicker skin these days. Sign me up for the Merricamp too, please.

  4. You are one funny girl! I've always wondered about people who are rude, insulting, and/or unpleasant on line. If I disagree with somebody's view, fine. I may post a response that is respectful but giving my rationale. I've never had anyone respond negatively to that. Still, people who troll around to find something nasty to say just amaze me.

  5. Ha, ha, those are some great discussion groups for the "serious crowd" as depicted in that last photo!
    It is strange that people feel free to be incredibly rude on the anonymous internet, when most of them would not say those things in person.

  6. Right on target, as usual. You do look at things with a clear perspective. Rudecamp definite has found a home on the Internet.

    I try to avoid Whinecamp myself, but tend to drop in now and then. *G*

  7. Thank you! This brought a smile to my face. Some of us just want to have fun and not get our heads bitten off already.

  8. Winecamp please and red or white is perfect.

  9. You took it to a new level! Too funny. Yes. You hit the nail on the head. LOL

  10. What a great handstand! Jose's expressions is priceless.

  11. I suspect "rudecamp" is inhabited by a bunch of people somewhere on the Aspergers spectrum: smart, socially clueless, overly sensitive to criticism (ironically because they can't help pissing everyone else off), and often most comfortable with socializing via computers. The trick for everyone else is to refrain from taking anything personally. Half the population of Western Washington fits the Asperger's type. One learns to admire their intelligence and put up with their social awkwardness. The trick is to giggle inwardly and move on.

  12. Can I join the Sillycamp?

  13. I'm against "rude."

  14. Shrewd Camp? (as in Taming of the...) Brewed Camp (for coffee aficionados?) Great photos by the way (-: