Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Bag

Thursday May 3 2012

Perry's big as a house, foal parts poking on all angles of her belly. She's due today!

Her nipples have enlarged, and she's started to 'bag up', and while often the udder will get round and full, and the teats will start to wax, that's not always the case. Maiden mares (and experienced ones), I'm told, don't always follow the rules.

The pelvic ligaments around the tail will relax in preparation for the stretching during labor and foaling, but I can't tell if that's happened or not. It's more common for a mare to foal during the night, but the last mare Princess that gave birth here foaled middle of the day during a busy riding clinic.

So if Perry doesn't give us these obvious signs, we might just wake up to a surprise one morning.


  1. It's pretty easy to tell if the muscles have relaxed, just feel the area next to the tailhead (on the sides) it should be all jiggly. Hope she foals soon!

  2. Poor baby girl! This is really exciting though! Nothing more beautiful than a new born pony!

  3. I'd be sleeping on those hay bales!! Sooooo exciting!!! Helmet cam????

  4. She should go 'off' her food for a while but my mare went almost a year (maiden) and I called vet to come check as she was waxed and had some milk when I squeezed for about 3 days.....she foaled the next morning 4AM (full moon and we were hosting a endurance ride!) and as I was sleeping in trailer close to her pen I heard a noise and was lucky to see her down and baby out in sack still!! he is now doing endurance and my bud.

  5. looking close....our mare looks very similar and she is a maiden. Exciting!!