Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Big One Hundred

Sunday May 6 2012

Let me preface this by saying, It Was Not My Idea.

I was ready and able to help on the 100-mile day at our upcoming 3 day Owyhee Fandango at the end of May. And I was ready to help crew for Carol and Connie.

Carol hasn't done a 100 since 2007. If she finishes, she'll get her 6000 miles! It will be her horse August's first 100. Connie has never done a 100, nor has her horse Finneas, but they both have the gas and gumption to git 'er done.

Connie and Carol have been sending psyching-up-encouragement emails to each other. Connie has a little good luck present for Carol. I've been sending both of them a few inspirational emails, such as, 

"The Moon Phase on 27 May, 100-mile ride day, will be waxing crescent (36% illuminated), which in this desert will be bright enough so you can see to comfortably pick your nose."

Today, Steph sez, "Why don't you wear the helmet cam, and ride Jose on the hundred with them?"


I've been quite content to do 50's on Jose. To some 100-mile gurus, that's not 'real endurance' and I'm a wimp. I'm here to say that I am not a wimp, but you can call me lazy, if you must. To me, 50 miles is just dandy - I get good pleasure and exercise (and sometimes sore) from 50-mile rides (multi-days are my favorites), and I have time to post pictures and report at the end of the day. I haven't done a 100 since 2009. Jose's never done a 100. If Jose completes, he'll get his 2000 miles.  

Oh dear! I was cruising through life all happy and lazy, taking on little challenges like 50 mile rides now and then, with nothing piled on and spilling over my plate to worry about. Now I have a LOT to chew on. Now I must begin a major mind shift. I have to think about things like, how to optimally train Jose? He's fit, having done 2 50's this month, 3 weeks apart, but… now what? a few short rides? a long ride? both? a lot of short rides? Walking? Trotting in sand? Hills? What am I going to eat? I don't like to eat on 100's, but I must. It'll take me weeks to figure out what to eat! I better start cooking many things now, so that I have a variety to choose from! What to pack for the vet checks - some of them will be out-vet checks. In fact 3 out vet checks; 2 of them will be in different places, so I'll have to pack 2 different bags for each hold (and double the goodies in one vet check bag). What to put in the bags for me, and what for Jose?? Jose will need a variety of grain and hay and a change of saddle pads and cinch and grooming brushes and brushing boots and extra horse Easyboots and a blanket in case it's cool or wet or windy, and a variety of food and frozen water and gatorade and Starbucks coffee drinks and a change of clothes and bandaids and Ibuprofen for me… Do we (Jose and I) each need a bag at each vet check, and what, now I have to pack 4 bags?? What about the weather - will it be comfortable, or will it be hot? Too hot? What if it's too hot?? Ohmigod what if there are thunderstorms???? And now I have to look at maps! Now I have to charge lots of batteries for the helmet cam… and decide which vet bags to pack them in and decide on what 8 hours of footage to shoot. And what about that starting time - 5:30 AM!!! I don't like that side of the morning!

On the other hand, I'll get to make a special video of a 100-mile ride, of a special place (the Owyhee desert) with Big Things on the horizon, and hopefully not the sunrise 24 hours later! I will discover one hundred new ways to admire the Owyhee desert. I will soon share a new experience with Jose Viola.

And, a big motivator is that I'll now be in on the little prezzies Connie is creating. My prezzie for the three of us will be beads for our horses' manes.

Daily emails have begun flying. Here is Connie's from today:

we are strong , fit , smart gorgeous and ready , and have excellent crew and steeds . 
I may have to shave my legs and paint my nails.

so 21 days and counting? steeds and gals stupendous fabulous ,willing and ready for anything. 

I have 21 days to psyche myself up! Don't know if I'll inform Jose about it yet or not. : ) 

Let the psyching begin!

[If you missed them, videos that I made of our Tough Sucker I ride, and videos Steph made of the Tough Sucker II ride are here on]

(And, if plans change and I need to help during the 100 miler, instead of ride, it's because I need to help, NOT because I am chicken or wimpy or lazy.)


  1. LOLS, you have a lot to think about! Best of luck, looking forward to hearing about it!

  2. Wow! Hey, just think of it as two fify milers and you are home free!

    I have a feeling Jose would enjoy the challenge. He's a pretty enthusiastic fellow.

    Looking forward to hear how this all pans out.

  3. Can't wait to see how it goes!

  4. Better not tell Jose Viola.....I did that to Ali'i for Tevis and he thought we were just going for a little ride......I am stressing with you. But I REALLY want to see the video so you must ride for all of us.

  5. You go girl!!! You are soooo ready! I'm proud of you!! You and Jose can do it!!!


  6. Eeeek, so scary and so exciting!

  7. You and Jose can do it! You must be the virtual endurance rider for us lazy, wimpy types. Looking forward to the helmet cam version of a 100.

  8. Do it!! You both can dooo. It!

  9. Take it one vet-check at a time. And remember, we are on easy-street compared to the pioneers that traveled much of the course. Anyway, thinking about the Oregon trail got me motivated to do that 100.

  10. Just four LDs in a row!

  11. Or, 2 back to back 50's with much more rest time!
    What a high!!!

  12. Good luck, stay safe

  13. How exciting! And stressful!

  14. I think you and Jose will be fine. You both have experience and know each other. Jose might hit a wall and you with the heat. You'll both get through it and once the day turns to night, you both will freshen up. Jose may question mile 66, but he will amaze you as he always seems to do.

  15. 100 miles sounds very long to me, but I'm sure you and Jose will come through with flying colors.

  16. we can do it! we can do it! that's what I keep reminding myself - lol!