Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Best Tough Suckers!

Saturday April 28 2012

Saturday's Tough Sucker II 50-mile ride was one of The Best Ever! Jose is just The Coolest Horse Ever! 

We rode with Jose's buddy Rhett and Steph. 

Rhett finished the ride and got his 6000 miles. Think about that: it would be like riding from Seattle to Miami. And from there on to Los Angeles. Oh yea - and he's turning 21 this year, and still looks fit and powerful going down the trail.

Steph's making a video of the ride from the shots from the GoPro helmet cam I wore; I'll put the link on here. Meanwhile here are a few shots from the ride.

Following Karen and Rusty, and Amanda and Nero to the Snake River (they tied for first).

Steph and Rhett.

Jose, The Best Horse Ever, also known as The Coolest Horse Ever, calm as a cucumber at the vet check.

Always like the shadow shots : )

more pix from the ride, and videos of Friday's vet in, and the Tough Sucker I ride here:


  1. This is truly awe inspiring! Something I will probably never be able to do but I enjoy it from afar.

  2. Congrats to Rhett on 6k miles!

  3. Wow! 6000 miles. Amazing! What a wonderful horse.

    Looks like another great ride. Looking forward to the video highlights.