Saturday, May 12, 2012

Meet the Owyhee Fandango 100-Mile Team

Saturday May 12 2012

3 girls, 3 horses.

Carol gathered a few quick pictures to give you an idea of who we are:

Connie & Finneas

Carol & August

Me & Jose

I'll flesh out the characters in another blog entry.

Connie's gone till next weekend, so right now I'm keeping two horses fit - Jose and Finneas. We also put Finneas on a diet!!!! He needs to lose about 20 pounds before the ride. As Steph pointed out, it's the heat that will affect him most - he doesn't pulse down fast anyway (probably that appy blood in him, plus he's a black horse), and the more fat he carries, the harder it will be to dissipate that heat in his body. Finneas is not fond of dieting. He can scream like a girl horse when he's starving, which, when he's on a diet, is every time he sees me walk by. I tell him it's for his own good, but he does not believe me!

Connie is having some trouble with counting, as, for the last week, she's been thinking we have 20 days to go till the ride, when it's really only 15 days left!

Steph is considering having a teams competition for the ride, and regardless, we three girls on the crick need a team name. For some reason, the "F" team seems to have come up, from some of the emails Flying between us:

Ferociously FABULOUSLY Far-freaking-out FAMOUSLY FIT 'n FABULOUS FEMME FATALES on Flying horses…

and right now Fiiineas is Fabulously Fit and Fabulously Fat (and Fabulously opinionated)

And don't any of you add "funky" and "flatulent"!

Maybe readers will have some better suggestions than "Team F" … how about it? 

Suggestion anybody?

P.S. I wish I could say I did the artwork, but Carol found them online! They fit us each so well, don't you think?


  1. Your art work on this one is fantastic! Freaking Awesome post!

  2. I really mean "this art work" because it goes so perfectly with the post! And I love you tattooed and on the gorgeous Jose!

  3. Uhm...rather interesting attire for a 100 miler....*G*

    How about "Four Footed Frolickers?"

  4. Love all of this! Screams like a girl horse!! So funny!!! I am pathetically uncreative when coming up with any names but somehow I think you girls will figure it out! I can't wait for the 100 mile video!!!

  5. OH! i want one like you and Jose but with my black mare and I.
    okay . . . . with maybe a few less tatoos? =)

  6. LOVE the photos Merri. I wish I could ride it with you girls. Hopefully my nurse duties will ease up this week and get some rides in on my pony children.

  7. Wish I could come along! Can't wait to hear all about it! X