Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Tuesday October 27 2009

When Rushcreek Mac arrived here from the Rushcreek Ranch two years ago, he was a Working Horse. Didn't have a personality, didn't know what a carrot was, nor a pat, nor a horse hug. He just did his job.

Didn't take long to spoil him with carrots and treats, and soon he got to where he came up for treats, or scratches (but don't touch his face, he doesn't like that). And he learned to play. He learned that from Jose, the Owyhee Social Director.

Mac picks up and plays with things on his own, and he learned that he can engage Jose when he does this.

He got adept at pulling off Jose's ear mask and playing tug of war with Jose.

He picks up buckets and flings them around, and I've seen him picking up a stick and bonking it on Jose's head till Jose grabs the other end.

Today it was the broom. Mac picked it up and chewed on it a bit, then thrust it upon Jose.

They had a good sweeping session, wrestling with the bundled bristles, grabbing it from each other, whacking each other with the handle.

Jose started to leave, and Mac chased him with the broom.

That got them going again.

Great horse fun on a windy fall day, and just goes to show, you don't have to spend big money on those special horse toys. Feed tubs, sticks, ropes, dressage whips, brushes, and brooms will do.


  1. Absolute joy to see Mac being a fun loving horse. I love it when my horses play like this. It's great to see other horses playing as well. Great share, Merri, thank you.

  2. We have Rushcreek Gambler. We were told he had no personality, did not like people etc. etc. Of course they just never SAW his personality.

    Great pix of Mac and Jose.

  3. It's good to see Mac, I can't believe I'll see him in real in a couple of days and get to meet you too, I am getting excited!

  4. This is sooo funny! I bet you laughed your head off. Our yearling colt was given free range of the middle pasture and barn by himself this summer and we really had to keep things put up in the barn or he would get a hold of it. One day I came home and he had "played" with the broom. Just tore it apart. I guess if he had had a playmate this would have taken place! Love your stories! Robin

  5. I had a horse that carried a little plastic pail around with him in the pasture. His name was Sandy, a QH that I loved. A cute horse. The plastic pail was his favorite thing, he'd put it down, graze, then pick it up and carry it with him wherever he went. :)