Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Something's Missing

Tuesday October 6 2009

It came like a freight train: winter!

Snow in the Owyhees.

Fairy ice crystals on the fence posts.

Steam from horse noses.

Frozen tumbleweeds.

Ice-laced leaves.

Steam rises from the mud and floats along the ground like leftover smoke from a forest fire.

Heat rises from the horses as the sun comes over the ridge.

We seem to have skipped over fall. For all you winter whiners, look out: my heat whining is over and my winter giddiness has begun. Bring it on!


  1. Oh that looks cold. To early for snow. We just got a cold front here in texASS and it 57*. I AM READY FOR SUMMER

  2. yup we had 3 inches or so of the white stuff..

    winter whining
    cid and gazi

  3. Beautiful pictures! I love the frozen tumbleweeds.