Tuesday, October 6, 2009

4 Days and Counting

Tuesday October 6 2009

Where did the time go!?

It's only 4 days until The Equestrian Vagabond's show at Judeen's Art Studio and Gallery in Paducah, Kentucky, on October 10th, after which I head to Lexington to cover the Kentucky Cup & North American Team Endurance Challenge - i.e. the 2010 WEG pre-ride - for Endurance.net.

Here are a few more of my pictures to sample:

CHIARO - a play with excessive light - Oreana, Idaho

SOAP SUDS I - a morning bath at Keeneland Racetrack, Kentucky

JOSHUA TREE II - in the Mojave Desert - California

JUST A KISS - Diego loves to kiss - Oreana, Idaho

TWINS - entwined weanlings in Enumclaw, Washington

LOFTY - another play with excessive light - Oreana, Idaho

up top - RED BARN I - Wells, Nevada

Must get packing!


  1. Awww! Diego still gives kisses just like that. I've never had a horse that loves to give kisses so much. I'll tell him he's ***FAMOUS***!!!

  2. Absolutely LOVED the entwined yearlings! Good luck with the show and the ride.

  3. Merri,
    Each time I see one of your link, it's like having a present under the christmas tree, I can wait to click and "unwrap" it by scrolling down and discovering what you offer us.
    Thank youyou photos are always warm and kind to the eyes and heart.