Tuesday, October 6, 2009

4 Days and Counting

Tuesday October 6 2009

Where did the time go!?

It's only 4 days until The Equestrian Vagabond's show at Judeen's Art Studio and Gallery in Paducah, Kentucky, on October 10th, after which I head to Lexington to cover the Kentucky Cup & North American Team Endurance Challenge - i.e. the 2010 WEG pre-ride - for Endurance.net.

Here are a few more of my pictures to sample:

CHIARO - a play with excessive light - Oreana, Idaho

SOAP SUDS I - a morning bath at Keeneland Racetrack, Kentucky

JOSHUA TREE II - in the Mojave Desert - California

JUST A KISS - Diego loves to kiss - Oreana, Idaho

TWINS - entwined weanlings in Enumclaw, Washington

LOFTY - another play with excessive light - Oreana, Idaho

up top - RED BARN I - Wells, Nevada

Must get packing!


  1. Awww! Diego still gives kisses just like that. I've never had a horse that loves to give kisses so much. I'll tell him he's ***FAMOUS***!!!

  2. Absolutely LOVED the entwined yearlings! Good luck with the show and the ride.

  3. Merri,
    Each time I see one of your link, it's like having a present under the christmas tree, I can wait to click and "unwrap" it by scrolling down and discovering what you offer us.
    Thank youyou photos are always warm and kind to the eyes and heart.

  4. HoHoHo!

    (seriously - wow, thanks!)