Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sunshine on the Kentucky Cup Endurance Race

Tuesday October 13 2009

Just driving into Lexington, Kentucky, among all those rolling hills and white fences of the Thoroughbred farms got my blood racing, and when I crossed Man O' War Boulevard, (Man O' War Boulevard - seriously!), and Citation Boulevard, it literally got my heart pounding. And the Kentucky Horse Park - don't even get me started (I'll follow up on that later).

And in the Kentucky Horse Park - some of the cream of the endurance crop around the world, and friends from around the world, here for the pre-ride for next year's World Endurance Championship. Here are a few photos of the days before:

That's Leon, the gray horse on the left... I'm sure he remembers me, we met in Dubai in February.

Gabrielle, from California, and Big Easy. Little guy, but tough.

Maria from Sweden

Mercedes from Argentina

Mustafa, from India - he had a great time here!

Feast your eyes on these sunny (or somewhat sunny) pictures because it's all clouds and rain and mud from here!


  1. Merri hoy corremos el Correo Postal desde Ecija hasta Sanlucar la Mayor. ¿Te traen recuerdos estas dos ciudades? recuerdos.