Monday, October 26, 2009

The Perfect Taste of Fall

Monday October 26 2009

It's a national pastime, isn't it? Going out for a drive to see the fall colors.

Here in Owyhee, to get your taste of fall, saddle up your beloved horse on the perfect October autumn day, and take a ride.

Up on the flats toward the Owyhee mountains;

down into Pickett Creek canyon where the cottonwoods are golden and the quail bush shouts in red, crimson, scarlet, maroon, sangria, burnt orange, rust.

Your horse cruises along, stops to pick at new green grass from last month's rainstorm; cool autumn breezes hinting of winter finger through your hair and tickle your nose.

Nature sightseeing on a perfect cool fall day in a beautiful country on a most beautiful horse (and, first post-busted-rib ride) - the perfect taste of fall.


  1. How perfectly lovely, Merri. I love the photos and sentiments. Is that your thoroubred? Congrats on such a wonderful ride first time up post-rib.


  2. Beautiful, Merri, and I'm so happy you're riding again!

  3. Welcome back on board. So are we streaching? you do not want deformities! How about a vest? So glad to have you back up. cole b.