Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Tuesday June 29 2010

Seriously - Again!?

It happened because I was walking barefoot, but I can't blame this one on a horse: this time, while walking, my foot clipped a table so hard I think I broke my toe again. (Exactly how does one's toe run into a table when one is walking? I have no idea.)

Pati was appalled I was hobbling around (on my heel) and that I didn't have my toe on ice. "It looks broken!"

"Uh - yea, it feels broken."

"You should NOT be walking on it, and you should have ice on it!"

Well, yes, I suppose I should have, but it didn't hurt as much as when I (possibly) broke my adjacent toe last June by sticking my sandalled foot under a horse's hoof.

But I can kind of ignore it, because we aren't going on any rides in the next few days, since four of Steph's horses and Carol's horse just did 50 or 100 miles of rides at the 2-day Eagle Extreme. I figure with some ice, ibuprofen, and DMSO, and a few days to heal, I can get a shoe on so I can ride.

Dang, I sure hope I didn't hurt that table when I put a dent in it with my toe.


  1. Ouch! I do that all the time (not as badly as you did, but still . . .)

  2. Ouch! I hope it's not broken and just hurts so much because it's badly bruised. I broke my pinky toe once on the leg on a couch, I had to get it reset though because it was hanging out to the side. I hope you apologized to the table for denting it.

  3. I think you must be very talented to stub your toe on a table, and to hurt the 'This little piggy had none' toe, not your pinkie or your big toe!
    I hope it feels better soon!

  4. Oh Em GEE!
    Ouch Merri!

    I did that carrying a laundry basket out of a sunken living room. HUbby laughed it off and was making fun of me until a day later when it was black and green!

    Poor Table,,,

  5. That definitely looks sore...knock on wood, I've not broken a toe...been stepped on a few times that I thought it was broken. Hope it heals up quickly for you...too many trails to ride!

  6. Oucherssss!!! Guess you hit the corner of the leg and kind of straddled it with that toe.

    I am feeling for you...not that toe but others I have smashed in a similar way. Glad it wasn't a horse this time. They get blamed far too much for our aches and pains. Bad, bad, table. *g*

  7. Yikes--I broke the great right some years ago (stupid hitch fell on an even more stupid bare-toe-in-sandals connected to an even stupider [yep, 'at's what i'm tellin' ya] person. Now it's getting arthritic. Hope you fare better!

  8. ohh what is that smell?

  9. This little piggy......

  10. Merri, what is up with you always hurting your toesies?!?!