Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Fandango Wash

Tuesday June 1 2010

We're still busy picking up, cleaning up, doing paperwork, working on photos from the Owyhee Fandango. Jose, who did two days of 50's, looks great. Rhett, who did 80 miles on day 3 with Steph, looks great. After the last of the rigs left this morning, we turned the herd loose in the big pasture. They sprinted out to the nearest piles of leftover horse food - hay, grain, alfalfa - and started eating.

I haven't had time to start any stories, but here are a couple of short videos from day 2, riding Jose through a really cool twisting and turning sand wash. The walls of the wash were 8 feet high at places, and sometimes it squeezed together so tightly we had to walk through it.

I did the first video sideways before I remembered to hold the camera the right way (know the html code for rotating videos, anybody?)(or just hold your computer sideways). The second one is the right way.

Jose was having a BLAST ripping through this wash, ears pricked forward, eagerly looking forward to zipping around the next corner.


  1. oh so much fun! He really is enjoying himself it's great!

  2. Love all the pictures! What a gorgeous ride. I'm glad Jose and Rhett are feeling great.

  3. This is your Uncle Al - Aunt Jo and I enjoy following you daily. Love keeping up with your global adventures.

  4. El segundo video está mejor, el primero un poquito doblado, no os parece.
    O es que de tantos Km. ya el pulso fallaba.
    Las orejas del caballo muy pendiente del camino.
    Felicidades por la carrera.
    Saludos de Gabriel.