Saturday, June 5, 2010

Just Love To See Them Run

Saturday June 5 2010

Sometimes the herd comes walking back down the canyon, single file, with big ol' Krusty in the lead. (He was low man on the totem pole when he returned here after a few years away; now he's methodically working his way up.)

Sometimes they come blasting down, their hooves shaking the earth and the air with thunder.

I just love to see them run.


  1. I do too. They look so majestic and like they are so free and wild.

  2. It brings joy, and a smile on my face to watch my girls.
    The Indians called them
    Thunder Dogs.

  3. I love them too - what beauties!

  4. There is nothing quite so stunning as an unhaltered, untethered, free horse running just for the joy of it. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos.

  5. Great pictures Merri

  6. Never gets old seeing them run!

  7. I truly believe there is nothing more beautiful than a horse running...and to see an entire herd running is breathtaking!

    How lucky you are to have that to enjoy.

    I used to be afraid to be on a running horse. Afraid of all the powere being unleashed, and not sure if I could contain it if I needed to. Now after last weekend's trail rides where I invited Apache to canter and run, I can't imagine anything more fun and exciting than to be on my horse's back while she is running. Makes me feel like I could fly!

    Your photos are gorgeous!