Friday, June 18, 2010

And A Medal!

Friday June 18 2010

Jose got another little package in the mail - a medal for his 1000 career endurance miles!

He wasn't quite sure how to wear it - they didn't make it so it would fit around his head and chest (where it would have looked mighty dashing), so he let me stick it on his head.

Besides, he was much more impressed by said deserved bag of carrots.

: )


  1. And a medal too? Woo! Okay, enough of that - let's get to the yummy stuff in the bag...

  2. Very cute - and congratulations to him (and you)!

  3. *Chuckle* There is no better place to wear a medal!

  4. Carrots are so much more concrete for a reward! Much better than some old certificate or medal, and they dont get in your eyes or make you squint to read them.... and they TASTE good! Duh!

  5. ROFL Okay, seriously maybe they'd think of a medal that could be clipped to a halter.

    Still, he looks, fabulous. Congrats Jose!

  6. mazeltov (hebrew for congratulations)! carrot worthy performance as we say

    happy trails

  7. He couldn't be more adorable with his new medal. Congratulations.

  8. I have never had my very own medal...even one perched on my head. It kinda reminds me of the ornamental doo-floppy that hangs on the forehead from some driving bridles. Mine doesn't even have one of those. I am sad. You are soooo lucky! Congratulations. Maybe if I am driven for 1000 miles I can get a forehead doo-floppy too!

  9. Medal? Ok Mom...that's nice. Now pass me the carrots, please.


    Congrats on the medal, Jose! It actually looks dashing on your head, too.


  10. Maybe the medal was supposed to go around "your" neck....although your little tootsies didn't travel the 1000 miles. *lol*

    Jose looks adorable in his hardware and delighted with those carrots...glad he got the reward he really wanted.

  11. Hahah, it's adorable on his head! Congrats to you both - he did the hard legwork, but he couldn't have done it without you.