Monday, June 14, 2010

Fort Howes Endurance Ride - Day 2

Sunday June 13 2010

Day 2 - dark skies all day, but no rain!

Bonnie finished the LD yesterday. Today she rode in her first 55! She finished!

Namibian rider Kordula on the 100. Unfortunately her horse was lame and she pulled.

Nicole and her gorgeous Arabian/Quarter horse/Friesian! (that's them up top, too). Unfortunately they pulled from the 100 when her horse came up with either a stone bruise or an abscess.

Mom Marsha and 11-year-old son Cy doing their (and their horses'!) first 100. They finished!

Sue and Julio finished 6th on the 100.

Kyle trotting out Julio (yes, another Julio Horse in the 100!), and in the distance Steve trotting out Beaujolais. Steve also owns Julio. Steve finished 4th, Kyle 5th, and Julio got Best Condition.

That's Gregory, not wanting to get dirty after winning the 50 yesterday. "Today, I am visiting!" He sort of helped his fellow Columbian rider at the vet checks.

Lynn and Suzy shared the win in the 55.

You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink... but you can try.

Cici wins the 100 on Fantasia - she's so happy!

The sun sets and the ride still goes on...


  1. Thanks for the cool pics!

  2. Whew...100 miles...I'd be lame too...from the saddle!

  3. I doubt I’ll ever get a chance to try it, but I’ve the “endurance rides” have long interested me.

  4. Two days of great horses, people, and fun! You'll ride next year...right?