Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Grand For Jose!

Thursday June 17 2010

Jose received an envelope in the mail!

Who was it from? The AERC (American Endurance Ride Conference). What was in it for this special horse?

His 1000 mile certificate! It's official - 1000 career endurance trail miles for Jose Viola. I got to do 620 of those on my favorite horse. : )

Was he impressed? Well, he inspected it closely, but I think that he thinks that every horse that gets a thousand miles should get a bucket of carrots from AERC. We get to frame his certificate, he gets to eat the bucket of carrots.


  1. Very cool - he looks impressed!

  2. Well, then, get him a bucket of carrots!!! *G* After a thousand miles, that's the least you could do for him. *lol*

    He is a sweetie. Congratulations, Jose!

  3. Oh, you are right. Paper just doesn't taste all that great - carrots are a much more suitable reward for such an accomplishment!

    Thanks for letting me know the data on Haffies and endurance. 12, huh?! That's about .035% Not very many, LOL!

    Maybe we'll have to try to be #13 and #14!!!

  4. Very cool!!! Here's hoping there are many more miles for Jose!

  5. yeah for Jose!

    I am positive he would prefer Carrots than a diploma!

  6. Congratulations to a very special horse. I hope he got his just desserts in the form of carrots.

  7. A certificate? He should get a plaque, a standing ovation and ... a bucket of carrots. Congrats to you and Jose...

  8. WOO! Congratulations to you both (you did, I hope, hotfoot it to the store for the purchase of said carrots...right? :o)

  9. Wow! What an accomplishment! Yay Jose! And yay for you, too!

    Here's to another 1000 miles!


  10. That's a lot of darn rides. Seems like one bucket of carrots shouldn't be enough. LOL

    Congratulations to both of you!

  11. Congratulations! That's like a third of the way across the United States...