Monday, April 14, 2008

Al-Andalus Day 3: Stuck - to Montenmedio

Monday March 31 2008

It wasn't a great day photo-wise - some days you get lucky, and some days you don't - and our biggest excitement was that we got stuck in a mud hole. Nacho put the front wheels into too deep a ditch, and there we stayed for a while, till some 4-wheelers came along and pulled us out. We found one nice spot for photos, with horses coming up out of a green valley of wheat, lined by yellow flowers. The Raven frolicked in them while we waited for horses to pass.

The finish line was at Montenmedio Golf and Country club, also a world class horse facility with 1500 stables and 8 grass show rings - one of which the Raven and I fell asleep on in the sunshine, the lack of sleep catching up with us.

A great dinner was had by all on the show grounds, then we were taken to the best hotel of the ride in the little beach town of Zahara de los Atunes. Steph and I managed to be 30-minute tourists, taking a quick walk to the beach and into the village before getting back to work on our photos.

Nothing extraordinary (besides our lovely hotel) today, but still a great day in Al-Andalus.

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