Friday, March 30, 2012

USA Team Trial Vet In

Friday March 30 2012

We're in Texas for the USA Team Trial - a 100-mile endurance race from which 6 horses and riders will ultimately be selected to represent the US in this year's World Endurance Championship to be held in Great Britain in August.

The top twenty finishers and maybe 3 'wild cards' in tomorrow's ride will be selected to be on the 'Long List'; from those six will be ultimately be chosen to be on the US team.

It's a rather extraordinary gathering of the nation's best 100-mile endurance horses, and it will be an exciting race full of strategy and intrigue.

45 will start tomorrow at 7 AM.

You can follow the race live on

Below are a few photos from today's Vetting in.
Monk and Lindsay Graham

John Crandell's Heraldic - a freak of a horse. (2-time Tevis winner, 2-time Old Dominion winner, 2-time AERC National Championship winner, came back after bad injury, etc)

Scrutinizing a trot out.

Getting a bath.

Photogenic Team Monk! Lindsay Graham, Monk, owner Chris Martin.

Ellen Olson and SA Belshazzar.

Jeremy Olson and Noslos Banjara. (Olson-Noslos - get it?)

Kyoko Jukumori and Noslos Lightning Strikes.

Warming up.

Doug Swingley (4-time Iditarod winner!) and Stars Aflame.

A Kutt Above and Jeremy Reynolds.

Riverwatch - last year's Tevis winner. He'll be ridden by Heather Reynolds.

Former World Champion Becky Hart (1988, 1990, 1992), with No Repeat.

Up top is Kyle Gibbon and Julio.

Many more photos at


  1. Cool! It's going to be an exciting weekend!

  2. Oh, I missed it. Can't WAIT to see you post about it... I'm going to wait and NOT click google as I want to be surprised by you...