Saturday, March 3, 2012


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Saturday March 3 2012

All Thoroughbred racing eyes are turning towards Lane's End Farm in Lexington, Kentucy, where 2011 Horse of the Year and racing legend Zenyatta is awaiting her first foal, due next week! March 9th is the day, although Mother Nature has the final say.

Zenyatta is starting to wax!

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Owners the Mosses plan to be there for the birth, and trainer John Shirreffs and his wife Dottie will go after the foal is born.

Stay tuned!

You can follow Zenyatta's daily diary here.


  1. Oh my, she does look chubby. Quite a change from her life on the track. Now it's Mommy!! How exciting.

  2. oh boy here we go!!