Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day of Spring

Tuesday March 20 2012

Cold, blowing, snowing as the day breaks. Owyhee mountains disappeared in the storm, horses hunkered down in a draw, or heading for the hay to keep warm.

I could be the only one in the country deliriously celebrating the snow on this first day of spring. 

If this is a preview of what spring is going to be like, I say, Celebrate! Bring It On!

(This is Google's cool doodle commentary on the first day of spring, by Marimekko, for people of the opposite persuasion, i.e. warm weather Folk)


  1. I guess the "bovine terrorists" have left the immediate area?

    Upper 60's to 70 here. Spring of the Google has apparently sprung on the East Coast.

  2. We got the same system here, big fat lazy flakes this morning that turned to rain later on, and now there is a blustery wind coming up from.... Idaho...

  3. Well... I feel So much better now that I see that your "Spring" looks so similar to ours! :-) Did I mention wet, cold, windy? :-)

  4. We seem to have skipped the spring part and gone straight for summer. *sigh* Upper 80s already (ick).

  5. Somehow that snow missed us. We've been warm and sunny all week. The horses don't look very pleased with the cold and wind!