Saturday, March 17, 2012

Nobody Here But Us (Wet) Chickens

Saturday March 17 2012

With odd weather all over the country, Owyhee is getting its share of wetness. It's so slick, there's no thundering down the canyon - the horses walk around carefully in the mud.

Everybody looks like a wet chicken, including the cats who run through the rain then stop to lick their paws - as if that will help anything.

Jose, up top, strikes a handsome wet chicken pose.

I think that of all the herd Mac most enjoys being dirty as he can get. It's probably like a dark-haired human going platinum blond for a while, only vice versa.

The salt block is a quite popular social gathering place in the winter. The mud probably gives it a special spicy flavor.

Stormy isn't irritated by being photographed as a wet chicken; he doesn't like being bothered when he's eating.

More of the wet stuff and white stuff to come! Winter is not ready to leave yet, and I'm not ready to let it go!


  1. Yep that all looks only too familiar! Wet horses and wet forecast both.

  2. Maybe if all of you blow real hard, you can get it to come our way.

  3. I have wet chickens too.....real ones! I think my horses were drier with their blankets on.

  4. My Boys have shelter available 24-7, but sometimes they just go out and get wet anyhow. I guess a horse's natural perception of the world and "how it's supposed to be," is just different than ours. Sometimes getting wet is just, "the way things are."

    Wishing you some dry footing at least. That slipping and sliding is no fun for anyone.

  5. sarah bigbitlittlebitAugust 22, 2012 at 5:43 PM

    Neither would I it gets to hot