Thursday, February 2, 2012

Owyhee Photo Booth

Thursday February 2 2012

Remember those photo booths where you and your best friend crowded inside and made funny and funnier faces for a strip of pictures? (do those still exist?)

Best friends Stormy and Tex (aka Ted) went into the Owyhee Photo Booth and mugged for the camera and made a funny strip of photos.


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  2. Ha ha, love it... also love the first comment!!

  3. great photos! I especially love the left one of the last pair!


  4. yes, I guess the first comment answered my question!

  5. Yeah, yeah, like the booth would be big enough for the two of them. *G*

    Great shots, again, and I could actually picture those two strolling into the mall to find a booth to pose in. Hams--well, horsey hams. *lol*

  6. This is my first time I saw a pair of horse on a photobooth though I also love horse and I love horse back riding.