Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kiss The Sky

Tuesday February 7 2012

Scuse me, say Krusty and Jose, while I kiss the sky.

(I always thought Jimi Hendrix' line was Scuse me, while I kiss this guy, but apparently many many others did too! There's even a website, www.kissthisguy.com, the archive of misheard lyrics, and this is the single most commonly misheard lyric they've ever gotten).

(And, say, Krusty and Jose, either way is fine, because they loooove wrestling with each other.)


  1. Don't know the song...so I'm pretty useless on this one.

    However, "kiss the sky" is quite a beautiful image and those pictures of your boys certainly adds a new dimension to the poetry.

  2. Oh, phooey--just looked it up and it might have to do with getting high. If so, that's a darn shame because the hundred other interpretations of the phrase are so much nicer. *sigh*

  3. Ha! I'm a member of that club too - I always thought - wow, Jimi Hendrix doesn't seem gay. He was mighty popular with the ladies after all. ;)

    Lovely picture, and thanks for the fun link!

  4. Love the photo. Hey I remember when that song came out; I knew it said kiss the sky.