Saturday, February 25, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside

Saturday February 25 2012

It's blowing a blue gale through Owyhee.

It's so cold the snowflakes that defy the wind storm are shivering. They blow at least seven miles horizontally from the Owyhee mountains before they ever hit the ground.

It's so cold the hurricane-force winds force tears out of my eyes then freeze them on my face.

It's so cold I get frostbite on my ears, even under my hat.

It's so cold the wind slices right through however many layers you can manage to put on and seizes up your joints.

It's so cold the horses are hunkered back against an old canal bank that deflects some of the wind, with their butts to the gale. The horse tails blow horizontally between their legs. 

They crowd close together, using each other for wind blocks. They are probably thinking twice now about the coat shedding they started this week.

It's so cold, Jose is a bit irritated.

Some old hard-weather hands, like Rushcreek Mac, know to put their heads down to the ground.

Baby, it is COLD outside.  It's a day to be thankful we're not out on an endurance ride!


  1. Yikes- I should not have read this before I go do the evening feeding! I've been cold all day and it's snowing outside . . . now I'm COLD even before I go out!! Oh spring, where art thou? (Yeah, I know it's only Feb., but a girl can hope.)

  2. It is strange to think that we live about 6 hours north of you and our weather is so much milder. Strange indeed.

  3. Temperatures have risen 38C here in the last three weeks! We had -19 three weeks ago, and +19 yesterday - Spring is on the way here for sure.

  4. The wind cuts right through you when the temperature is not even that low. Add low temperatures and it's "slice and dice" for sure.

    Can't blame the horses for looking miserable. I would be too.

  5. Well, hereabouts it's WET outside. If that helps...(probably not)

  6. Now, I wasn't complaining about the cold, mind you. Horseshooter, you are SO RIGHT!!! (you KNOW i'll whine when its hot...)

  7. You KNOW you LOVE it~~!!! Soon it will be "too hot"!