Friday, September 17, 2010


Friday September 17 2010

It is almost a physical ache. A fathomless hole to fill. This urgent craving to ride.

This urge to wrap my fingers in the mane and to look between the ears of my horse down a trail. To feel my fluent horse cover the ground. To be in open wild spaces. To canter along the ridge. To race the thunderstorm. To follow the curve of the hills. To dance through the forest. To conquer the mountain.

When I am home, I gorge. I devour the trails. I gulp the miles. I inhale the sage and the stars. I guzzle the land.

Between the satiating sustenance, I starve.


  1. Holy shit - that was powerful. I loved that post. Rock on. And may you soon be looking between the ears of a good horse and eating up the miles.

  2. Did anyone ever tell you you were an addict? No need for a cure. *G*

  3. On Merri!
    So deliciously described! Your terrains are gorgeous!

    I must wait longer now, to have my thirsty, hunger mares were attacked in the field Tues, by a cougar. Both mares sustained injury. My mare got the worst, with deep claw scratches, across her rib, flank and rump. Poor thing, she still had open wounds from another incident, so she probably smelled very attractive.
    I'm pretty mad, since I'd asked for them tp be brought in at night now. They really haven't wanted to be out there past 3 pm for past three weeks.

    Ride on Merri!!

  4. Great. Now I'M hungry.

    :) Wonderful post/poem

  5. Maybe consider an article with pix for october issue of trueCOWBOYmagazine?
    Besos, Calamity/Publisher

  6. You have such a way with words...hope you get some of those lovely thoughts published someday...

  7. So well said. I know exactly what you mean. We were gone for a week, and I longed for the chance to ride again.