Thursday, September 30, 2010

Get Thee Hence

Thursday September 30 2010

Before I get to writing about the WEC, this deserves a great plug: the International Equestrian Festival, occurring simultaneously with the World Equestrian Games, in downtown Lexington, running through October 10th.

The IEF is a terrific equestrian extravaganza of exhibitors, horse trainers, educational seminars, equestrian and horse celebrities, horse products for human and horse consumption, both nutritional and material. Things you need, and things you don't need - just lots of great things.

We stopped by on Monday afternoon and were somewhat blown away by the first clinician/trainer we saw, Guy McLean, one of those 'thinking' horsemen who has horsemanship oozing out of his pores. In the little round pen for his demonstration, he rode his Australian stock horse and had 3 at liberty and showed us what he does with them:

Next was Rex Peterson, Hollywood horse trainer (Black Beauty, The Horse Whisperer, Flicka, Dreamer and Appaloosa, and more) and RJ Masterbug (one of the stars of Hidalgo) and Harbor Mist (one of the stars of the new Secretariat movie). A master of horse training, he and his equine partners showed off some of their tricks, and Rex's way of working with horses.

Other scheduled clinicians are (among others) Julie Goodnight, Monty Roberts, Mark Peterson and Dusty - America's Smartest Horse. To top it off, on Sunday, Thoroughbred jockeys Ron Turcotte, Jean Cruguet, Steve Cauthen, Pat Day and Calvin Borel, and author Kate Tweedy of the new "Secretariat's Meadow" will be there to sign autographs.

Forget the World Equestrian Games - check out the International Equestrian Festival. This is where it's at.

(OK - go to both, but don't miss the IEF.)

See for schedule.


  1. Wow, you saw some impressive trainers. I'd love to go if I were closer.

  2. If you haven't seen Guy McLean, you haven't seen a consummate horseman. His rapport with his horses is something to behold, I wish every horse owner could see him with his horses.

    I hear he has a tour around the US coming, don't miss him if he is in your area.

  3. Hey Merri. I was there tonight. Guy McLean was amazing. I could watch him work with the horses for hours. Is that horse trying to bite Rex Peterson in your photo? What caused that?

  4. he's trained some of his horses to do this - attack, look vicious - for movies - he asks for the behavior then turns it off. amazing to watch!

  5. Good coverage, Merri! The trade show at the Lexington Convention Center is the BEST!!!

  6. Amazing amazing stuff! What a thrill to see so much going on with horses. Sure wish I could have gone.