Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sweden and Gospel Bound

Wednesday June 11 2008

There's just never enough time to get everything done. Sunday and Monday after the Ermelo ride I stayed busy helping the Lamsmas clean the grounds at the venue, packing and unpacking things from the ride, shuttling vehicles, dropping off and picking Anita and Imke up, and, on Monday and Tuesday, trying to catch up on writing about the weekend, contacting Swedish endurance riders and ride organizers Yvonne and Michael, working out how to get to Växjö, Sweden this weekend - train schedules, flights, hotel - and man it's sure nice to get a little bit of sleep in there too. And that's just for endurance.

Then, meanwhile, there's the Gospel. Before I could confirm my trip to Sweden, I had to make sure I could get to Athens on Monday - trains, planes, hotels - for the other main reason, besides endurance, that I am back in Europe.

The black gospel play/musical, Gospel at Colonus - the story of Oedipus, a classical Greek tragedy, as told in a black church - has a one-night performance in Athens on June 21 - at an amphitheatre right under the Acropolis! - and I am the lucky sound engineer.

I should have been studying the old version of the show this last week - but there's been no time. In Sweden there will be no time. In Athens, it will be too late.

So I'm stealing spare moments when I can to keep working - like overnight tonight in Amsterdam's Schipol airport waiting to catch my early morning flight to Copenhagen, trying to wring 30 hours out of a day to squeeze it all in - more writing, reading up on Sweden, studying the score for my show. Sleep can come later - maybe an hour and a half on the flight to Copenhagen. Certainly not on the train from Copenhagen to Alvesta, Sweden, because there will be too much new scenery to see out the train window!

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