Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Off Again

Tuesday June 3 2008

Saying goodbye to my horse again... I think he knows when I'm leaving. He gets smooches and hugs, and when I walk away I wave at him... he stands there and looks at me. Yes, he knows. But I always come back, and this time it's only 5 weeks again.

He doesn't worry about it like I do. What if something happens to him when I'm gone? He goes back to eating beside his harem.

It didn't really hit me, till we were halfway to the airport, that geez - I'm going to Europe again! And I'll be halfway around the world (more or less) in 24 hours!

And this time, I must brag about my suitcase. If you recall, on my last trip to Europe my suitcase was ridiculous, and though nobody who had to lug it around day after day in Al Andalus complained about it, there really was no other way to describe it as anything other than too RIDICULOUSLY BIG and STUPIDLY HEAVY.

This time my suitcase, for the same amount of travelling time and for likely more varied weather, is half the size, and 1/3 lighter. Please excuse me for chuckling at the lady checking in next to me, whose Big Suitcase was 60 pounds when she grunted and heaved to get it on the belt, and she had to take things out and repack things to get the weight down so as not to have to pay $50 extra.

Of course, we'll see what I forgot to pack, and how cold or wet or hot I get on this trip. But, I have my computer and camera, emergency cappuchino packs, a couple changes of clothes, and my Raven. Really, what more do I need?

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