Thursday, December 27, 2007

What I Did On My Christmas Vacation

December 26 2007

It's difficult to peel myself away from 'home' here in Idaho, because I worry about the horses when I leave, even though for this short trip they would be in the competent hands of neighbors who'd come feed and check on them twice a day. Finneas is recovering from a near-leg-ripping-off injury, and dieting Dudley is in the middle of dismantling and redecorating and escaping from his pen, not to mention the other 4 horses roaming around looking for barbed wire fences and GOK what else to get into. What might happen without me hovering over them!? And oh, the dogs! Their world comes to an end if they don't get out for their daily Walk - God forbid they'd go on their own romp in thousands of miles of acres to play in, without me. The dogs probably would not even leave the porch while I was gone!

But I'm glad I got talked into leaving Idaho 'home' for Christmas and going Home. Which is Seattle, though I've rarely spent much time there of late.

In Seattle I did the family holiday tradition things: had a great time with family (as did the Raven), had a glimpse of civilization (shopping at a mall 2 days before Christmas), ate the best Thai food in the US (Thai Tom, a little hole in the wall in the U-District), watched the Sound of Music, got a little Christmas Day snowstorm, and went to a concert with, and hung out with, my 4-time Grammy-winning friends, the Blind Boys of Alabama. Really, they are Grammy winners, and really, I am lucky to be their friends!

And what do you know, while I was gone from Idaho, life went on: more snow fell, Finneas' leg continued to heal, Dudley took a break from redecorating, nobody escaped or got hurt. The neighbors kept things running smoothly, so I didn't have to spend all that time worrying about the horses after all. With them getting their meals twice a day as usual, I wonder if they even noticed I was gone.

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