Sunday, December 29, 2013

Da Bull

December 28 2013

Every winter, we get a stray bull or two who wanders on down our canyon and either gets stuck, or decides he likes it with us, rather than heading on down onto his own ranch. I don't mess with bulls anymore. I leave them to the cowboys.

And anyway, just by watching this bull, I could tell I didn't want to be anywhere close to him. I perched my binoculars on a fence post and stared at him for 15 minutes until he turned his head just right (he never took his eyes off me) so I could just read his ear tags/numbers. Then we called the right cowboys to come get their bull.

Here's a short photo narrative of the adventure.

Content Bull

Suspicious Bull

BullCatcher #1

BullCatcher #2

The Jig is Up Bull

Wary Bull

Chagrinned Bull

Herded Bull

Bull with Other Ideas

Pissed Off Bull

Pissed Off Bull and Cowdogs

Charging Bull

Caught Bull

They rather easily caught this one - compared to another one I watched - though it was more Luck than Easy that got him in the trailer without too much of a fight.


  1. Gorgeous big old bull. I have to admire his spunk, but I would stay quite a distance away to admire it! Glad the old boy got retrieved without harm to animal or human!

  2. I would think there's not much worse to deal with than a pissed off bull. But looks like they got the job done. Great pictures.

  3. Quite a saga. Glad I don't have any bulls showing up here. I would have no idea who to call except animal control and I'm not sure they'd have cow horses and cow dogs to to the job. *lol* (Central NJ does not have a high cattle population.)

    Thanks for sharing. It's a great photo essay, as usual.