Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Big Itch

Wednesday December 4 2013

When it itches, ya gotta scratch it.

This is a Thoroughbred foal with One Big Itch.

Incidentally, this photo, titled "The Big Itch", was my first of (currently) 44 magazine covers ! Lisa Groothedde, then of the Texas Thoroughbred, gave me the first opportunity in 2000.

This is Rhett, Steph's very dignified (and balanced!) endurance Arabian, with One Big Itch.

This is Stormy, Itchy-Scratchy all over! Notice his upper lip, and that he's biting his tongue in ecstasy. Jose comes up to supervise.


  1. Gotta scratch it where it itches,
    even if it's in you britches... ;D

  2. Ha! Great pictures and video. He was in total ecstasy while you were scratching him. Love the lip.

  3. Love that cover!!

    When I scratch my horse's withers, they tend to curl around and groom me back. Stormy's lip is adorable...then again, Stormy is adorable...*S*

  4. They all look like they want some of what you are giving out. Heck, I wanted some!!!

  5. Absolutely loved the video!! I could watch ponies getting skritches all day long - my appy is a big pooky-lipper as well. So cute!

  6. The horses prefer me scratching them, instead of them all using the fence as scratching posts!