Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tree Hugger II

Saturday May 4 2013

I do love this Owyhee desert, but man I miss the mountains and forests.

I miss grabbing onto a monster old growth Jeffrey pine in a forest, putting my nose to the cracks in the bark, smelling the scent of vanilla, feeling the tree's sentience, its roughness, the oldness, feeling the decades (or centuries, if the tree is a lucky one) of seed and sun and snows and storms, feeling the secret forest life its branches have held.

yes, it's a spotted owl

I try to find the time to hug trees, real forest trees, at least once a year. Soon, it will have to be more than once a year, but for now, this mountain and this giant forest pine will suffice for a while.


  1. Dang youre good - a tree hugger AND a spotted owl all in one post ;)

  2. When one of the California power companies came to New Jersey to help out after Sandy, the guys apparently said, "We've never seen so many trees. We had no idea New Jersey was like this."

    I can blessedly hug a tree any time I want. The only problem is the ticks like the trees too. I had three of the little critters on me already this week. But that will never stop me from enjoying our woods.

  3. I love trees too. I actually became attached to some in my yard and was sad to see them destroyed in Sandy. I wish you could see the huge maple tree in my front yard. I think it's well over one hundred years old. Just gorgeous. The town sees to think its the oldest one around here.

  4. I have a huge and gorgeous oak tree in my front yard. I swear, Merri, it's 10 degrees cooler under that tree than it is anyplace else. We had arborists come out and raise her skirt and lighten her limbs several months ago. The workers were all Mexican and they treated her with such love and respect. They harnessed themselves to the tree and proceeded to look like circus acrobats while singing softly in Spanish to her about her beauty. I swear it was a mystical experience watching them. And my lord, was she amazing when they finished.

  5. Omg we are twins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!