Monday, April 29, 2013

Owyhee Tough Sucker II

Saturday April 27 2013

The Owyhee Tough Sucker II was another fun 50-mile endurance ride with Jose and The Raven! The Tough Sucker I was cloudy, cool, and rainy; Tough Sucker II was sunny, hot, and dusty

The start of dust on the trail

Long morning shadows on the Owyhee desert

The Owyhee mountains in the distance

Water stop for the horses

Jose, with his Elf Eyes, sees something very important off in the distance.

Jose staring off the top of the Hallelujah Rim Trail

Pelvic bone trail marker

Jose snacking on hay at the vet check

The Raven with Jose at the vet check

Seth and his draft horse finishing their first LD!

Heading out on Loop 2 around Wild Horse Butte by the Snake River

Go Jose!

I might have a hundred shots from this spot, but it never gets old or un-purty, and it's a tradition to pose from here now! With Steph on Rhett

 Nance and Zippy, Wild Horse Butte in the background

Jose looking and Deep Thinking

Laurel and Buffy, Linda and Ted, coming up out of the Birds of Prey Badlands

The trail was quite dusty by day's end!

Conveniently, Carrie had a birthday we celebrated at the ride dinner!

 Many more photos, and stories from both Owyhee Tough Suckers here!


  1. Looks like a great ride. Jose must be highly gifted with all that deep thinking.
    I'll bet that birthday cake was a welcome sight after 50 miles. Hope the horses got something delicious, too.

  2. It does look like a long dusty ride. I love that the Raven travels with Jose. Jose really does seem to be the "Deep Thinker" it's probably why he's so wonderful. He'll think about something before rushing into it. Bet that cake tasted good after all the dust!

  3. Jose is a very spiritual guy. That dust was a mess! What do you do to get it off of you? That looks like a place where there are no shower facilities. Now I'm just saying... I don't think I could sleep with dirt in my stilettos and between my toes. (It would play hell with my mascara too!)

  4. Day 1 would have been "my kind of day" - day 2- not so much! Jose looks like the ultimate endurance guy! Loving his job in life & in the process - making your rides special!

  5. I absolutely love Jose's perusal of the surroundings. He is totally entrancing.

    Once again a great ride. Thanks for sharing.